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Certified AWS Technical Professional provides Amazon Network Partners with fundamental, technical knowledge of Amazon Web Services cloud computing, global infrastructure, services, common solutions, migration, security, and compliance, machine learning.
Certified digital marketers in SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting, after completing 12 classes and 1 exam.
The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is obtained after passing a 90-min exam and passing score of 80%.

With synergy from a dynamic E-Score team (with a focus in Greater China and South East Asia) and years of relevant experience, we have B2B solutions in 1) Big data mining, visual and credit scoring 2) Research in compliance, customer due diligence, financing, fund transfer, tariffs, industries,  companies, properties 3) Enterprise application dealership/sales and 4) I.T. solutions in animation, video editing, voiceover, storyboard and script writing, multilingual functions, human web translation, frontend user interface and backend integration.

Our Vision

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E-Score allows companies to score and predict if new users will buy a certain product, become their premium customers or forecast their trust level, via simple APIs, big data and machine learning. 


E-Score as 46th Cocoon Pitch Night Semi-Finalist

Date: 22 Jun 17 (Thu)

Time: 06:30pm – 06:30pm

Organiser: Cocoon Hong Kong

Competing Team in Cocoon’s Semi-final Round
E-Score competed in the semi-final round of Cocoon’s pitch night


Organiser Profile: Cocoon Hong Kong

Venue: Citicorp Centre, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Guest Speaker: Ronnie Koo , Project Lead (Representing E-Score)

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Guest Lecture at HKU SPACE – big data scoring, machine learning, google analytics

Date: 01 Apr 17 (Sat)

Time: 02:00pm – 02:00pm

Organiser: HKU SPACE “Executive Internet Finance” Course

Sharing of big data scoring concepts at HKU SPACE

Ronnie shared his knowledge of big data scoring model and machine learning prediction concepts to the executive internet finance class students.

Organiser Profile: The University of Hong Kong SPACE

Venue: HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College

Guest Speaker: Ronnie Koo , Project Lead (Representing E-Score)

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E-Score “Hive” Pitch – big data scoring with machine learning, google analytics

Date: 19 Apr 17 (Wed)

Time: 07:00pm – 07:00pm

Organiser: Soundboard Asia, The Hive (Accelerator and Co-working Space Provider)

Pitching at the Hive, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Ronnie Koo, E-Score’s Project Lead, presented using big data scoring with machine learning at the Hive (seed fund, accelerator, incubator)

Organiser: Soundboard Asia 2017  

Venue: The Maker Hive, Hong Kong

Pitching Team: Ronnie Koo, Project Lead, E-Score

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Our Framework


Benchmark with External Data

Use benchmarked data to simulate a company's user profiles.

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Get Internal Data

Legally obtain company data via internal data sets, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or from Analytics platforms.


Set Machine Learning Model

Prepare, cleanse and extract data, visualize correlations, cherrypick factors to pour into supervised machine learning model.


Map Scores for Segment Marketing

Predict a new user's chance of buying a product, or forecast his trust level for better segment marketing.

Other Solutions

  • Compliance and Due Diligence: Offer intelligence on digital and financial compliance. Conduct due diligence on customers.
  • Financing and Fund Transfer: Provide insights on new financing means and ways of moving funds safely and legally.
  • Tariffs and Industries: Research on trade tariffs and industry trends.
  • Companies and Properties: Perform company search, litigation search, directorship, change of shareholding, land search, order verbal valuations, find out building orders
  • Animation: Make your life easier with our solution to create the script, storyboard and animation.
  • Editing/Voiceover: Offer smooth editing, natural voiceover, music and sound editing.
  • Multilingual: Make your website or app multilingual, and offer human translations over many Asian languages.
  • App Development: Prototype, frontend or backend, we help you with it while you concentrate on business development.
  • Sole Dealer for a "Uber" for Gym: In Hong Kong, we are the only authorized dealer for fitness-centre matching app between users and gyms in nearby locations, so they can enjoy using the gyms regardless of the gym companies.
  • Sole Dealer for regional Travel Management Hub: We are the sole dealer in Hong Kong for a famous regional travel agency CMS platform for digitizing customers' enquiry and booking, partnered by Cathay Pacific and Air China.


E-Score as semi-finalist for CoCoon Pitch Night 22 Jun 2017
Finalist for Philip Morris' Innexus Co-Learning Program 19 Apr 2017

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